Archive common good: the relationship with communities and proposals for enhancement of the value

The documentation preserved in the ecclesiastical, diocesan and parish archives in particular, is inextricably intertwined with the history of people and communities and places inhabited and built around them. Every action, whether linked to initiatives of knowledge, protection or valorization can only be the concerted expression of a people and its territory. Let’s try to tell some experiences.

Mons. Franco Lovignana will talk about cultural and pastoral planning for cultural heritage. We will listen to two experiences: Matteo Savoldi will tell the project of the Veronese ecclesiastical archives online; don Gianluca Marchetti and Veronica Vitali will talk about the “choral” enhancement of the illuminated codes of the Chapter of the Cathedral of Bergamo.

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Microclimatic conditions and air quality in archives

The monitoring and control of ambient air quality normally takes place outdoors, but even within the environments designated for the conservation of archival assets there may be sources of concern for pollution or, due to inefficient air circulation systems, pollutants can penetrate from the outside and accumulate.

We talk about it with the biologist Matteo Montanari, expert in the cultural heritage sector, with Matteo BistolettiIvano BattagliaFrancesco Santi and Gregorio Mangano, who will address the issue of safety in relation to sustainability, including in the GLAM environment.

Good practices for securing diocesan archives

Prepare actions for the security of archives, including ecclesiastical archives, is essential to deal in the best possible way with any emergencies and it is important to ensure an orderly and coordinated management on the territory through a series of good practices for securing assets. In the world of ecclesiastical archives, and in particular diocesan archives, the work is carried out in synergy by the various presidios in the territory: the diocese, the ecclesiastical region, the National Office for Ecclesiastical Cultural Heritage and religious building.

Don Valerio Pennasso will talk about the protection of ecclesiastical archivesMarica Mercalli will intervene on the security depots during an emergency; the word will then pass to Don Gianluca Popolla, who will talk about the situation of diocesan archives in Piedmont; we will conclude with Martino Dutto, for a focus on problems, risks and good practices for diocesan and parish archives, with a focus on the diocesan historical archives of Cuneo.

Mitigating fire damage: the new Vertical Technical Rule applied to cultural heritage

In 2020, a new technical regulation concerning the prevention of fires in museums and cultural environment was drafted, published in the Official Gazette n.183 of July 22. The decree, drawn up jointly by the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Culture, approves the Vertical Technical Rule dedicated to the protection of museums and cultural buildings with their assets preserved.

With Gioacchino Giomi and Luca Nassi we will deepen the aspects of this decree, and then talk about appropriate solutions with Emanuele Goretti, who will carry out live a demonstration of use of Novec™ 1230

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European non-repayable subsidized loans, case studies and cultural enhancement

COVID-19: From emergency to gradual restart

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